Steel pallets, containers, racks, cages, PV supporting steel structures

Metal pallets, racks and containers – storage systems

Metal pallets, racks, stillages, containers and cages are foldable and stackable, which enable operatively create actual form, size and warehouse capacity. Our storage systems serve to decrease costs by storing, manufacturing and shipping of various goods. Avex proposes and manufactures storage systems and handling systems from 1996. We belong to the biggest world metal pallets producers for storage systems of industrial and logistic companies. We export metal pallets, cages and containers to more than 99 states of the world. We manufactured more than 2 000 000 pieces of metal palettes, racks and cages. Use the height of your warehouse and economize space, square metres are more expensive than cubic metres. Call us now for design, development and manufacter of your pallets and containers!

Structures for photovoltaic power stationsAvex- photovoltaics steel structures

  • Solid steel structures
  • Rotating steel structures
  • Ground screws

Supporting steel structures for solar systems – we quickly manufacture and supply you supporting steel structure for solar modules in very good quality. Avex is holder of quality certificate for steel structures construction according to DIN 18800/7.

Steel structure for photovoltaic modules is made from steel S235 according to DIN 18800/1, hot dip galvanized, fastening material manufactured from high-strength steel. Solar modules are fastened to longitudinal aluminium or steel profiles. We offer custom made production of your structures in a short deliver time 3-6 weeks in high quality. For an offer please contact our sales department.

Retention tanks – dangerous liquids storage

  • Retention tanks stationary
  • Retention tanks mobile
  • Stands for barrels
  • Gas bottles storage

Company AVEX supplies storage and handling systems for environmental protection for more than ten years. We produce retention tanks, stands and shelves for barrels, shelves for dangerous liquids, storage systems for technical gas storage. Avex cooperates from 2006 on development and supplies storage systems into nuclear power stations. We produce special steel cages and pallets for barrels filled with radioactive matters and steel containers for contaminated waste storage. Company Avex Steel Products ltd was certified according to international standard EN ISO 9001 by company RWTÜW for engineering and fitter production back in 2001.

Metal shelves and shelving systems

  • Shelving racks
  • Bracket shelves
  • Storing cells
  • Shelves for tyre and wheel rims storage

Metal shelves and shelving systems – we professionally solve your warehousing and handling. Avex produces storage and shelving system from 1996. We export to more than 99 countries of the whole world. Metal shelves and shelving systems will find wide use at company and households storage. Our metal shelves advantages are high quality, long life and perfect price. Give way to quality Czech manufacturing, made in Czech Republic.

Custom made manufacture

  • Building and fitting components
  • Steel structures manufacturing
  • Parts for metal furniture – metal socles
  • Special metal pallets, cages, stillages
  • Welding jigs
  • Metal filling hoppers

Avex produces for foreign and domestic customers various building and fitting components, parts for metal furniture, welding jigs, metal filling hoppers and other metalworking products. On the base of specific customers´ requirements we propose its concept, design, technology and suitable surface treatment. Avex offers production of steel structures for civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, transport, energy industry, telecommunications, agriculture, metallurgical works, mines, physical training and sport.


We offer cooperative parts production. We use most modern technologies – laser cutting, robotized welding. We react quickly, we produce in a high quality, we try maximally to customers´ wishes. Please contact our sales department for offer.

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